Audioquest Jitterbug

Anti jitter interface
USB connection

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All laptops, tablets, smartphones, network storage devices (NAS players), multimedia servers (…) generate a significant amount of unwanted noise and resonance. Computers are also a significant source of RFI and EMI emissions and pollution for audio signals. This type of interference has many adverse effects on the analogue and digital circuitry. It increases jitter, hence increasing distortion.

The Audioquest JitterBug significantly reduces unwanted noise related to interference. It also reduces and eliminates digital errors and hence jitter. The JitterBug can be used serially with any computer and USB DAC (digital-analogue), as well as with locally connected devices, such as hard drives, printers, cameras, to efficiently reduce audio interference. Finally, it can be used with compatible USB network devices, such as routers and NAS.

With the Jitterbug running, the sound quality is clearly smoother and more vibrant. The soundstage and space between the instruments is wider and more precise. And above all, the timbre is more natural and much more realistic.

It is not just a plain gizmo, it is a great accessory for anyone out there using digital devices wanting a more musical and pleasant sound quality. We highly recommended it!



Rocky mountain International HiFi Press Award 2015


Anti-jitter USB

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Customer reviews



J'ai branché pour essayer le jitter entre un ordinateur colonne et un DAC Audioquest Beetle, j'ai ressenti une nette amélioration du son de mon système 2.1 Pour l'essai j'ai écouté de la musique sur Youtube et Deezer. Ce n'est pas un système haut de gamme mais la qualité est incomparable. Je verrai à le mettre sur mon ensemble stéréo en sortie de mon ordinateur portable mais je pense que la qualité ne peut qu'être meilleur.

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Audioquest Jitterbug

Audioquest Jitterbug

Anti jitter interface
USB connection

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