Atlas Equator XLR interconnect cable

Câble de modulation Atlas Equator XLR +

Balanced interconnect cable

OFC XLR connectors

OFC copper conductors

Made in Scotland

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Manufacturer : ATLAS CABLE

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The Atlas Equator XLR interconnect cable is designed after the famous Atlas Equator interconnect cable.


Since balanced, it obviously features an additional connector. These conductors are identical to those found on the Atlas Equator Achromatic .

High-purity OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) copper multiconductors are encapsulated in a low-loss polyethylene foam dielectric. It allows excellent resistance against interference and noise, which is essential for long cables.

These high-quality XLR plugs combine light aluminium alloy structure with OCC connectors. Connection with conductors is performed via specialised seamless crimp.

This interconnect cable is provided with a strong shield blocking a large amount of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). A poorly shielded cable may result in a sound with pronounced high frequencies, adding artificial “brightness”. A well shielded cable offers more natural balance and less listening fatigue.


Of course, we can hear all Atlas (See all products from Atlas) cables’ qualities with this Atlas Equator XLR. However, XLR connection with true balanced devices seems way above the cable’s range.

When comparing it to an RCA on the same devices, we get superior performance to an Atlas Ailsa RCA cable!

Reproduction is dynamic and very articulated! Bass is accurate and “punchy”, with enough nuance and articulation. Upper mid-range is accurate and sufficiently open and clear without showing hardness or aggressiveness.

The Atlas Equator XLR interconnect cable offers nice playback with remarkable balance, providing a soul and a very pleasant “analogue” substance.

Would recommend +++


Hi-Fi News - Editor’s Choice - 2020


Architecture: balanced

Conductor: OCC copper

Shield: OFC copper protective screen

Shield percentage: 85%

Dielectric: Polyethylene PEF

Connectors: OFC copper XLR

Capacitance (pF/m): 74.36 pF/m

Resistance (ohms/m at 20°C): 0.0776 Ohms

Inductance (µH/m at 1kHz): 0.497 µH/m

Diameter: 7mm

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi News

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Hi-Fi News

Editor's Choice - 2020
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Atlas Equator XLR interconnect cable

Atlas Equator XLR interconnect cable

Balanced interconnect cable

OFC XLR connectors

OFC copper conductors

Made in Scotland

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