Atlas Mavros XLR interconnect cable

XLR interconnect cable

OFC/OCC XLR connector

Fully balanced

99.9999% pure OCC conductors

Made in Scotland

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Manufacturer : ATLAS CABLE

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The Atlas Mavros XLR interconnect cable is a more affordable version of the Atlas XLR Asimi. The conception is almost identical, except for conductors which are made of pure copper and not silver.


This interconnect cable is equipped with ULTRA XLR plugs combining light aluminium alloy body with accurately adjusted OFC/OCC connectors.

Connection to conductors is seamlessly made. This results in less discontinuity in the signal path and therefore less signal degradation as well as increased neutrality and transparency.

The very high-quality fully balanced conductors used on the Atlas Mavros XLR is made with a solid core OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) copper core. Each one of these 6 bundles is surrounded by 12 high-purity OCC copper multi-strand “satellite” conductors. The “speed” characteristic of analogue cables is primarily determined by the insulator’s dielectric performance.

Around conductors, Atlas has applied microporous PTFE dielectric covered by extruded polyethylene foam.

Two balanced drain wires (each attached to 180° segments of the plug) are inserted between a 100% OFC copper/Mylar foil and a shield. The outer sheath is made of PVC and is covered by a black cotton braided sleeving.


Of course, all the qualities of the RCA version are there. There’s an immediate effect on reproduction quality when connected to a source or between a preamplifier and an amplifier.

Playback becomes instantly softer and more pleasant. Any aggressiveness and unpleasant sibilants seem to have disappeared. We are immersed in a highly analogue world!

This Mavros XLR may reconcile many with digital sources. It works wonders on a CD player or a converter (DAC).

It favours sumptuous timbres with a splendid soundstage. That doesn’t mean it adds colour. Substance and instrument sections are clearly audible, but the cable doesn’t “block” reproduction! On the contrary, the level of transparency is excellent and, above all, perfectly spread across the entire spectrum. It’s surprising to have this amount of details and accuracy without the need to artificially increase mid-range and treble like many competitors do.

These Atlas Mavros XLR interconnect cables have the surprising ability to offer very fast and held transients at the same time, while focusing on the fluidity and nuance present on the best analogue sources.

As you probably guessed, these cables impressed us a lot… A reference in this range! Would recommend +++


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Principle: Fully balanced coaxial

Connectors: Full Ultra XLR plugs

Assembly: seamless, assembled by crimping

Conductors: OCC 6N (99.99997%) deoxygenated copper

Type: LF/MF multi-strand and HF solid core

Sheath: FPE (Flexible Polyethylene)

Dielectric: Microporous PTFE


Capacitance: 111.14 pF/m

Inductance: 0.3412 µH/m

Resistance: 0.0035 ohm/m

VOP: 0.77

Outer diameter: 10.22mm

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Atlas Mavros XLR interconnect cable

Atlas Mavros XLR interconnect cable

XLR interconnect cable

OFC/OCC XLR connector

Fully balanced

99.9999% pure OCC conductors

Made in Scotland

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