Atoll AM200 Signature power amplifier

Power amplifier

2 x 120 W/8 ohms

Dual mono

Made in France

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The Atoll AM200 Signature power amplifier has the same amplifier as the Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier.

Atoll AM200 Signature: box

The AM200 Signature has an 8mm thick aluminium front panel of good quality as well as a 1.5 mm thick metal chassis. This power amplifier is very rigid and thus avoids all mechanical vibrations.

The top of the device is perforated for a better heat dissipation.

The front panel only has one LED since the power up button is on the back of the device.

Atoll AM200 Signature: features

On the inside, there is the layout of the IN200 Signature.

The audio stages are equipped with Mundorf MKP shielded condensers which are similar to the Atoll IN300 integrated amplifier. These condensers improve especially the musicality and the signal-to-noise ratio.

All the stages are dual mono and are powered via two toroïdal transformers of 330VA each. These two high voltage transformers give an extended bass response. The Atoll AM200 Signature power amplifier has a total of capacitors of 62000 microfarads!

The different input stages are bipolar transistors and the output stages are MosFet transistors. The ESR condensers are made under specifications for Atoll.

The Atoll AM200 Signature has a power of 120Wrms/8Ω and 200Wrms/4Ω, that is 2 x 50W in pure class A. This makes it compatible with numerous Hi-Fi speakers, even speakers that are well known to be hard to drive.

Atoll AM200 Signature: listening and review

When listening to this Atoll AM200 Signature power amplifier, there are all the qualities that have made its predecessor successful. However, it has clear improvements in terms of transparency and dynamics.

Of course, there is also the neutrality that the brand is known for.

The bass is exceptional for a product of this range. This power amplifier is just as good as numerous competitors that are two to three times as expensive!

This Atoll AM200 Signature power amplifier is ideal to set up an audiophile system with a high end sound restitution. All of this at a reasonable price regarding the manufacturing quality (made in France!) and the musicality this Atoll AM200 Signature has to offer.

It does not have any big competition… Highly recommended!


Power under 8 ohms: 2 x 120 W/8 Ohms

Bandwidth: 5 Hz - 100 000 Hz

Rise time: 1.3 µs

Signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB

Sensitivity: 100 mV

Input impedance: 220 kOhms

Distortion rate: <0.005%

Banc d'essai - Vumetre

2.07 Mo - pdf

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


M C 79

Cet ampli de puissance peut se targuer d'une belle force
cet ampli de haut vol est de construction audiophile , séparation optimale des canaux
connexions de très grande qualité transmission pure du signal
cet ampli allie force et performance et distille un son riche et harmonieux surtout à faible puissance neutralité ,très bonne tenue du grave
couplé à un préampli cambridge 851 E l'association est remarquable
A RECOMMANDER très fortement

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Atoll AM200 Signature power amplifier

Atoll AM200 Signature power amplifier

Power amplifier

2 x 120 W/8 ohms

Dual mono

Made in France

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